Who is CXO Communication?

CXO Communication is a brand strategy and communication firm that helps companies articulate who they are, what they do and why it matters to their most important audiences.

We are senior strategists who work with senior teams. We view brand strategy as a driver of business strategy. We are big thinkers who get big things done for our clients.

If that’s who we are, then who aren’t we? We are not an ad agency, design firm, PR firm or other function-driven agency who views brand as the bridge to a pre-defined deliverable. For our clients, we’re not a team that needs handholding or a push to pursue wow ideas, imaginative approaches and agile solutions.

We thrive on big challenges. What’s yours?


The key to building a great brand and delivering compelling experiences is defining the right strategy.


Identifies where you want to position yourself in the marketplace and creates the ideas, messages and stories that differentiate your business and connect with your audiences.

  1. Positioning

    Identifies market white space where you can win and articulates your leadership role in it.

  2. Messaging

    Uncovers and communicates the differentiators that matter most to the audiences you care about.

  3. Naming

    Finds just the right name to advance your brand strategy and help your company or product stand out.

  4. Brand Architecture

    Creates an organizing structure and strategy that helps audiences understand and navigate your offering.

  5. Brand Research

    Discovers hidden market and customer insights that propel your brand and business forward.

  6. Brand Identity

    Designs a visual brand identity that perfectly expresses your verbal one.

  7. Category Creation

    Breaks you out of existing market boxes and helps you blaze new trails.


Well-structured, effective communication brings your brand to life with consistency and impact, across every touchpoint.

Brand Communication

Activate your brand across the best content and channels to reach and influence the audiences you care about most.

  1. Executive Communications

    Internal and external executive platforms, videos, speeches, bylined articles, Q&As and bios that define your message and drive your agenda.

  2. Internal Communications & Change

    Business-critical launches, milestone events, culture shifts and storytelling campaigns that inspire, educate and energize your employees.

  3. Marketing Content & Communications

    Case studies, blogs, white papers, collateral and communications programs that connect with your customers, prospects and influencers.

  4. Business-Critical Public Relations

    Social and media relations strategies that accelerate your visibility, credibility and leadership.

  5. Crisis Communication

    Crisis communication strategies that guide critical actions in urgent times.

  6. Thought Leadership

    Vision papers, market reports, customer forums and unexpected editorial content that clearly put you in the lead.


A history of going further, faster.

CXO Communication was founded in Silicon Valley in 2003 by communications entrepreneur Andy Cunningham who worked closely with Steve Jobs to launch the Apple Macintosh before founding pioneering technology PR firm Cunningham Communication.

CXO’s tight-knit team has helped shape the corporate reputations of clients including Adobe‚ AMD‚ Cisco‚ Equinix, Hewlett-Packard‚ IBM‚ Kodak‚ Motorola‚ Oracle‚ RSA, Sprint‚ Sun Microsystems‚ Sybase and many other leading tech brands. Today our firm continues to serve trailblazing technology brands, as well as leading organizations in the professional services, healthcare, financial and aviation industries.

In 2010, Andy’s longtime partner Kathleen Bowden became the CEO of CXO. Although CXO’s history began in 2003, our client partnerships are enduring. We’ve known some of our clients for decades. They like our work enough to recommend us to others. In fact, we’ve built CXO on client referrals. Our collaborations with clients are recognized for challenging conventional wisdom, ushering in bold approaches and spurring communication breakthroughs.


Faces, hearts and minds that achieve more together than we ever could apart.

  • Kathleen Bowden
    Kathleen Bowden Chief Executive Officer
  • Joanna Clark
    Joanna Clark Communication Strategist
  • Katrinna Ella
    Katrinna Ella Finance and Operations Lead
  • Sandy George
    Sandy George Communication Strategist
  • Jackie Hanley
    Jackie Hanley Communication Strategist
  • Megan McDonnell
    Megan McDonnell Communication Strategist
  • Dani Peroni
    Dani Peroni Brand Strategist
  • Courtney Porcella
    Courtney Porcella Communication Strategist
  • Jill Queenan
    Jill Queenan Communication Strategist
  • Jane Shurtleff
    Jane Shurtleff Communication Strategist
  • Julie Yamamoto
    Julie Yamamoto Content Strategist

Great businesses with greater ambitions.

  • IHI
  • Equinix
  • RSA
  • Raytheon
  • MBO Partners
  • Dauntless Air
  • AMD
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Nokia
  • Sprint
  • Adobe
  • BAL
  • Beautifull!
  • Best Thinking
  • Borland
  • Capsule8
  • Chestnut Hill Sound
  • Children’s Hospital Boston
  • Cisco
  • CleanSource
  • Cooley Godward
  • CyberArk
  • Diamond Foods
  • Eclipse Aviation
  • EMC
  • EO, Entrepreneurs’ Organization
  • Forum Corporation
  • FutureMark Paper
  • Foundation for Accelerated Vascular Research
  • Gemini Mobile Technologies
  • HP
  • Indie Energy
  • Intacct
  • JDS Uniphase
  • K&N Engineering
  • LeapFrog SchoolHouse
  • Liberty-Greenfield
  • LiveOps
  • MarketTools
  • NetApp
  • Opsware
  • Portal Software
  • PRTM
  • QB3
  • Rambus
  • Securify
  • Specialized Bicycles
  • Sterling Commerce
  • SuperBulbs
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • VantagePoint Venture Partners
  • VirtualEdge
  • World Presidents’ Organization
  • Young Presidents’ Organization
  • Zoomerang
  • UCSF
  • Watermill Group
  • The Peterson Center on Healthcare
  • Atrius Health
  • SilverSky
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