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How does a new player change the course of an established market?

When high-tech entrepreneur Vern Raburn founded Eclipse Aviation, he knew the right communication strategy would be critical to introducing his revolutionary aviation company and game-changing jet to a staid market. His vision created new possibilities for how air travel could be used personally and professionally—beyond the industry’s imagination.


In an industry that fears change, redefine the industry.

Working closely with the Eclipse team, we defined a thought leadership concept that transcended the aviation industry and allowed Eclipse to shift the market conversation beyond what had been to what could be.

The concept was “air taxi,” an alternative form of air travel that would be enabled by Eclipse’s innovative, cost-effective jets. We then named the new aircraft segment Eclipse was introducing the “Very Light Jet” (VLJ) category, and created an aspirational company mission - “To revolutionize the way people travel.”

  1. Positioning for never-before-possible uses

    Eclipse’s cost-effectiveness made it uniquely possible to use for day-to-day “air taxi” purposes.

  2. Creating a new category of jet

    Eclipse jets were cost-effective because of their innovative use of technology and unique lightweight design, what we coined the “Very Light Jet” (VLJ).

  3. Challenging the market to believe in new possibilities

    Reflecting a company personality that challenged convention at every turn, we developed thought leadership that made it clear to customers that their world had been revolutionized.

Category creation can sound intimidating, but when your product or service is a true disrupter, you have to believe in the audaciousness of your dream or nobody else will.


Eclipse Aviation creates the VLJ category and seizes the market’s lead position.

  • Launched the brand worldwide with an industry-leading thought leadership and public relations campaign.

  • Established the now widely-recognized VLJ category, positioning Eclipse as the industry disruptor to beat.

  • Created a new, aspirational company mission: “to revolutionize the way people travel.”

When I launched Eclipse Aviation, our challenge was to change the way the world thought about aviation. Creating a new market category and launching a new brand of jet aircraft in an industry that fears change and rejects innovation is a ‘bet the business’ kind of assignment. I never doubted this team could tackle it, and their results exceeded my expectations… CXO played an instrumental role in shaping the new very light jet category and positioning our jet as the market leader.

Vern Raburn Former Eclipse President and Chief Executive Officer


Eclipse wins the coveted Collier Trophy

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