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Using courage and creativity to reimagine a legacy.

PRTM came to CXO because its gold standard heritage as one of Silicon Valley’s first technology-focused consulting firms was losing its luster. Professional services strategy competitors like McKinsey, BCG and Bain were moving downstream into PRTM’s traditional market territory, depositioning the firm’s value, pushing its brand into a tactical commodity box and threatening their economic model.


To build the best future, reimagine the best of your past.

In a series of executive workshops, we helped PRTM’s leadership team break through a longstanding disagreement about who their future customer targets should be. Once the decision to transition from a sole focus on VP-level technology leaders to a C-suite sell was made, exciting new possibilities came into view.

Together we leveraged the firm’s strong heritage in product development and supply chain consulting to reposition PRTM as the leader in an emerging space they were uniquely qualified to claim: operational strategy. A new North Star positioning statement staked out this valuable high ground, declaring PRTM “the premier operational strategy firm, delivering operational innovations that change markets.”

  1. Uncovering rare diamonds within existing results

    PRTM had already transformed markets—we gave them a fresh lens to see and show their impact.

  2. Breaking VP-level habits to command C-level confidence

    Together, we created a whole new way to speak, sell and deliver to C-level clients.

  3. Using verbal messaging to reimagine visual expression

    A new logo, visual system, website and collateral portfolio drove PRTM’s operational leadership home.

The hardest thing about re-positioning a longstanding business like PRTM is getting leadership to see the company in a new light. You need to convince them that the brand has earned permission to stand for more than it did in the past. That team tends to be their own worst critic.


PRTM successfully repositions itself as an operational strategy leader, spurring PwC to acquire the firm.

  • Created a new brand platform that maximized PRTM’s heritage, while creating a foundation for future growth.

  • Partnered with design partner Continuum to develop a new website, collateral, training curriculum and services approach to drive the new strategy to market.

  • Repositioned PRTM as an operational strategy leader, ultimately spurring PwC to acquire the firm.

CXO team members were valued counselors at every stage of the brand and positioning process—from concept development, to go-to-market execution, to internal training to our external launch. CXO delivered on their promise—and then some.

Gordon Stewart Former PRTM Chief Executive Officer


PwC acquires PRTM for its operational strategy capabilities

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