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Transforming a brand to advance an industry.

When Brett L’Esperance took the helm at Aero Spray, he knew that reinventing the company’s brand and communications platform could speed a vital transformation in how wildfires were being fought. Now—as Dauntless Air—his vision is not only setting his business apart, it is reshaping how the industry thinks about aerial firefighting.


Transform your brand to reflect your core purpose.

Aero Spray’s change in ownership created a tremendous opportunity to better differentiate the business and set the stage for its next phase of growth.

Drawing on the experience of the executive team, we helped to redefine the company’s identity, creating a new mission-driven positioning to reflect the leadership team’s deep dedication to protecting people, land and property from the devastation of wildfires. Together we changed the name of the company from Aero Spray to Dauntless Air, and established a vision to win the war against wildfires, boldly separating Dauntless from its competition.

  1. Breaking from the past to build a stronger future

    Aero Spray’s identity reflected a time long-past when agricultural spraying was core to the business; the new Dauntless brand is purpose-built for fighting fires.

  2. Defining a new path forward as a thought leader

    The executive team had a vision for the industry that went well beyond their own service offering and together we brought it to life in a defining Vision Paper.

  3. Creating a brand that separates and elevates

    In a market saturated with similar names and visual approaches, our new positioning platform, logo, tagline, visual system and website introduced a strikingly different approach.

It was inspiring to work with a team that is so passionately committed to their mission. For Dauntless, the thing that matters most is winning every wildfire battle they fight. That dedication is now the heartbeat of their brand.


Dauntless Air launches a brand that is clearly differentiated by a singular purpose and bold vision.

  • Created a new brand and communications platform that connected emotionally with a range of internal and external audiences.

  • Introduced Dauntless Air as a visionary leader dedicated to winning the war against wildfires.

  • Joined forces with CXO partners Rubric and M Space Design to create a new website and visual identity that clearly differentiated Dauntless Air from other industry players.

CXO created a very tangible, emotional connection to the outside world in our brand. This is a powerful tool for recruiting, retention and customer growth. It is everything we hoped it would be.

Brett L’Esperance Chief Executive Officer, Dauntless Air

2018April 2018, Aero Spray became Dauntless Air

It’s an honor to help create a brand that will touch the lives and futures of so many people. When you’re entrusted with that responsibility, and the reactions to your output are overwhelmingly positive, it’s a career-defining moment.

Sandy George Communication Strategist
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