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Security leader CyberArk was gearing up to go public at a time when cyberthreats were becoming a board-level concern. The company played an essential role in helping businesses battle this increasingly dangerous threat, but customers and market influencers tended to view its value in a narrower security niche. CyberArk needed to change minds and win hearts in a new way to maximize this important moment in its history.


To be seen as a bigger player, claim your rightful place in a growing market.

In-depth customer one-on-ones uncovered a powerful connection between CyberArk’s privileged account protection expertise and advanced threats. In addition, we learned that CyberArk customers trusted the company and believed it could serve the enterprise in a broader, more strategic way.

Armed with these fresh insights, we collaborated with CyberArk leadership to more boldly claim their role in the growing cyber threat landscape. We transitioned their brand narrative from compliance-driven to threat-driven. A new positioning as “the only security company laser-focused on striking down cyber threats that make their way inside to attack the heart of the enterprise” reinforced CyberArk as a critical element of cyber defense.

  1. Revealing hidden customer permission

    CyberArk had convinced customers they could do more, a new brand helped them walk through that open door.

  2. Finding valuable unclaimed ground in a broader market

    CyberArk’s power move was not to create a new market category, it was to reimagine its place in their current one.

  3. Getting emotional to break through

    In the more rational world of technology, human language like “protecting the heart of the enterprise” stands out.

This was a company with the foresight to build ‘cyber’ into their name more than a decade before advanced threats were even on the worldwide radar. They had more than earned their place at the cyber table.


CyberArk dramatically elevates its cyber relevance and emerges as one of the top technology IPOs of the year.

  • Created a brand strategy that reshaped how the market saw CyberArk.

  • Developed thought leadership research report, “Privileged Account Exploits Shift the Front Lines of Cyber Security.”

  • Architected CEO communications platform to drive home the new brand value proposition.

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